Six “white label” sake breweries
open up a new era of sake

Six Niigata sake breweries bearing white labels,
now gathered together

Koshino Rokuhaku is a completely new blend of sake created through the combined knowledge and expertise of six sake breweries, the pride of Niigata.
By blending six types of sake brewed with the superb techniques of each brewery, we challenge ourselves to lift the potential of blended sake to the next level.Story of development
Niigata Daiichi Shuzo Sake BreweryJoetsu City
Collaboration among sake breweries in the Joetsu, Chuetsu, and Kaetsu regions, each offering subtle regional differences in characteristics, tradition, culture, and flavor, is a promising topic sure to inspire and excite anyone who enjoys a drink.
Nakagawa Sake BreweryNagaoka City
We never tire of challenging ourselves to create new flavor! Koshino Rokuhaku is a breath of fresh air for the sake industry!
Yahiko Shuzo Sake BreweryYahiko Village
By combining six amazing terroirs, Koshino Rokuhaku takes you somewhere extraordinary!
Hakuryu Sake BreweryAgano City
A new form for Japanese sake – Koshino Rokuhaku. We hope you enjoy the efforts of these breweries.
Takano Shuzo Sake BreweryNiigata City
Defying the common wisdom of the sake industry, and rising to the challenge of creating new value!
Shirataki Sake BreweryYuzawa Town
Rokuhaku is a one-of-a-kind brand that combines the strengths of six unique sake breweries. Through friendly competition, the six breweries further their pursuit of flavor.