Development story

The story behind the
development of Koshino Gohaku

Five breweries with the word "white" in their labels came together.

Development of Koshino Gohaku, the predecessor of Koshino Rokuhaku, commenced at a gathering of four renowned sake breweries: Takano Shuzo, Yahiko Shuzo, Nakagawa Shuzo, and Niigata Daiichi Shuzo.
As the four breweries pondered whether they might do something together, they asked the Niigata Shuhan trading company for help with planning and distribution.
They came up with the idea of inviting the Hakuryu Sake Brewery, which also has "white" in its name, to cooperate.
It was decided that Gohaku (“five whites”) had a more pleasing sound than Yonhaku (“four whites”), so the Koshino Gohaku project was launched as a collaboration of five breweries with "white" in their names.

  • “Koshinohakucho”Niigata Daiichi Shuzo Sake Brewery
  • “Koshinohakugan”Nakagawa Sake Brewery
  • “Koshinohakusetsu”Yahiko Shuzo Sake Brewery
  • “Hakuryu”Hakuryu Sake Brewery
  • “Shiratsuyu”Takano Shuzo Sake Brewery

Attempt to mix sake from five breweries
(property of the five breweries)

The four breweries had talked about how good it tasted when they tried mixing all of their respective sakes together.“That’s interesting”Blending with sake from other breweries is unprecedented, and it had a massive impact on the industry.
It may have seemed like the wrong course for sake brewing, but a plan for a commercial product was started while demand was sluggish due to COVID-19.

Five breweries challenge themselves to create a new category of sake

... and then ...
Koshino Gohaku is born as blended sake from five breweries

Product standardAuthentically brewed (honjozo)
IngredientsRice (from Niigata Prefecture), rice koji (from Niigata Prefecture), brewing alcohol
Rice polishing ratioUndisclosed
Alcohol contentApprox. 15–16%
Manufactured (bottled) at Takano Shuzo Sake Brewery
Product detailsA blend of authentically brewed sake from five breweries.
It has a slight sweetness, but drinks easily with a hint of crispness.

Sold throughout Niigata Prefecture.

These five breweries are located all over the prefecture, including the regions of Joetsu (Niigata Daiichi Sake Brewery), Chuetsu (Nakagawa Sake Brewery), and Kaetsu (Yahiko Shuzo Sake Brewery, Takano Shuzo Sake Brewery, and Shirataki Sake Brewery), and are well loved in each region.
This is why Koshino Gohaku became such a hot topic of conversation in each area, as blending sake from five different breweries is unprecedented.
What would it taste like? Wouldn’t the different flavors conflict with each other? This was the beginning of a challenge that many in the industry considered forbidden.
With the help of Niigata Shuhan, we have established sales routes across Niigata Prefecture and beyond. This system has enabled people all over Niigata Prefecture to enjoy the product.

Autumn 2021
Koshino Gohaku evolves into
Koshino Rokuhaku

Another brewery with "white" in its name is added

In autumn 2021, the five Koshino Gohaku breweries of Takano Sake Brewery, Yahiko Sake Brewery, Nakagawa Sake Brewery, Otsuka Sake Brewery, and Niigata Daiichi Sake Brewery were joined by the renowned Shirataki Sake Brewery as a brewery of Jozen-Mizunogotoshi.
With six breweries in total, the name evolved to Koshino Rokuhaku.

  • “Koshinohakucho”Niigata Daiichi Shuzo Sake Brewery
  • “Koshinohakugan”Nakagawa Sake Brewery
  • “Koshinohakusetsu”Yahiko Shuzo Sake Brewery
  • “Hakuryu”Hakuryu Sake Brewery
  • “Shiratsuyu”Takano Shuzo Sake Brewery
  • “Shirataki”Shirataki Sake Brewery

Autumn 2021
Six breweries release a Junmai sake blend

Product nameKoshino Rokuhaku “Autumn Blend”
Product standardBlended sake
IngredientsRice (from Niigata Prefecture), rice koji (from Niigata Prefecture)
Rice polishing ratioUndisclosed
Alcohol content15%
Manufactured (bottled)at Takano Shuzo Sake Brewery
Product detailsA blend of Junmai-shu sake from six breweries.
A gorgeous Junmai-shu sake representing the splendid efforts of these six breweries.

The Rokuhaku challenge never stops!

As a trailblazer for blended sake, Koshino Rokuhaku will continue to pursue new possibilities.January 2022New Year’s Blend to be released for sale